A track record of success

We listen to our customers!

“For over 50 years, Alésia Peinture has been known as a conscientious, innovative company that customers can rely on. We not only paint commercial and luxury premises, we also provide high-quality interior design and remodeling services.

Our strong point: staff who truly listen to what our customers want. Our values: partnering with our customers to provide high-quality, eco-friendly solutions. Our ambition: to help you make your projects a success.

Paulo Marques et Johnny Teulière,
General Managers

Alésia is a major player

Founded in 1972, Alésia Peinture is a major player on the interior design market. With over 50 years of experience, we can do all your interior design/remodeling work, from floor to ceiling. Our staff includes many experienced journeymen skilled in traditional methods as well as the latest techniques. Alésia Peinture can also help you with finishing work.

Alésia innovates

Alésia Peinture innovates by researching the primers of the future, working on materials, and creating colors so that each project is unique. Using our own research and development laboratory, we develop new paint and interior decorating products. Alésia Peinture’s researchers love a challenge!

Alésia is committed to sustainable development

Alésia Peinture has been promoting sustainable development for many years. Our daily operations incorporate the most advanced ecological and social goals, and each project site is equipped to:

  • prevent and limit air, water, and soil pollution,
  • manage water and energy use,
  • avoid potential pollutants and use alternative, less-toxic products,
  • limit waste,
  • sort and recycle trash as much as possible,
  • reclaim waste,
  • limit the amount of waste dumped in garbage or landfill sites
  • install clear signage (pictograms, logotypes, etc.) near waste collection and sorting areas,
  • comply with applicable regulations (safety, pollution, waste and related recordkeeping, and nuisances), follow environmental and health recommendations,,
  • minimize nuisances that might disturb residents, visitors, and neighbors (noise, odors, visual nuisances, etc.).

Biosourced paints

Alésia Peinture can also provide biosourced paints that meet HQE (high environmental quality) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification requirements.

These paints are formulated using resin that is more than 95% biosourced and local, renewable, plant-based raw materials, such as algae and sunflower oil.

Alésia takes responsibility

Every Alésia Peinture project manager is responsible for following a strict procedure developed over the company’s decades of experience.

This procedure is designed to meet our customers’ legitimate demands in terms of:

  • the quality of the finishing touches,
  • compliance with work safety and confidentiality standards
  • coordination with other trades.

Delegated responsibility means that on every work site, logistical constraints are closely managed and appropriate human and technical resources are allocated.

Quality is our watchword

Everyone who works at Alésia Peinture is involved in maintaining the company’s high standards (awareness meetings, training, day-to-day accountability, etc.). They are devoted to offering customers the best possible technical solutions, controlled costs, availability, comfort, and respect for the environment.


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